Session Coach (Level 1)

This will be a three day course with a final assessment day. You will need to attend between 9am and 5pm on the first three days. The final assessment day will be a half-day, you will be allocated AM (9-1) or PM (1-5).

You will need a mentor (another licenced coach) throughout the process and will also need to compete at least 12 hours of practice coaching alongside another coach before your assessment day, including at least 3 hours with your mentor.

There will be opportunities to practice coaching beginner courses on Saturday mornings at Southampton Archery Club in April, May, June and July for those that need help completing their 12 practice hours. Mentors are available too.

There are also two micro-courses to be completed online during the process ('Respect In Archery' & 'Range Safety' ), plus a number of tasks to do in preparation for your final assessment day.

Course Details

Cost: £ 300
Tutor: Pauline Pillans
Organiser: James Wilson
Venue: Southampton Archery Club, SO50 9HT


Various resources from the Session course are available online, please click here to view these resources. You will need a username and password, provided to you during the course.

Course Dates

Sunday 16th April 2023 - Day One (£75) - Starting Your Coach Journey, Empowering Archery Part 1
Sunday 7th May 2023 - Day Two (£75) - Introduction To Technique, Creating Engaging Sessions
Sunday 11th June 2023 - Day Three (£75) - Using Your Coaching Skills
Sunday 16th July 2023 - Assessment Day (£75) - Supported Practice & Coach Presentation

Please click here to find and book these course dates via Sport80.

Entry List - All Dates

Niamh Buxton - Bowmen of Petersfield
Charlie Bailiff - Bowmen of Petersfield
Alex Dorr - Sway Bowmen
Andy Keenan - AC Delco
Jack Hughes - University of Portsmouth
Steve Scaddan - Fort Purbrook
Tom Weaver - Fort Purbrook
Steven Dance - Sway Bowmen
Emma McDonald - Crawley Archery Club
Neil Hyatt - Yateley Archers
Will Urben - Ordnance Survey
Sean Hill - University of Portsmouth
Sam Humphries - RN Archers
Iain Long - RN Archers

Entry List - 7th May, 11th June & 16th July only

Callum Anderson - Southampton University Archery Club

Entry List - 11th June & 16th July only

Paul Williams - Overton Black Arrows
Lee Grace - Wight Bowmen
Tina Grace - Wight Bowmen
Paul Telfer - Wight Bowmen
Nigel Lathwell - Wight Bowmen
Amy Jefferies - Kingston Archers

Entry List - 16th July only

Rachel Coombs - Southampton University Archery Club