All archery coaches in Hampshire are members of the Hampshire Archery Association Coaching Group. The group promotes and supports coaching activities within Hampshire and is there for the benefit of all archers and coaches across the county.

The coaching group organises training courses for coaches, workshops to help coaches develop their skills, guides coaches in their CPD and takes care of assessing and renewing coaching licences. The group is run by the County Coaching Organiser (CCO) who sits on the committee of Hampshire Archery Association (HAA).

James Wilson
Hampshire CCO

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for all HAA coaches. Please subscribe to this mailing list to be kept informed about upcoming courses and workshops, as well as to be reminded when your coaching licence is up for renewal.


Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group for all the coaches within HAA to discuss and promote coaching within the county as well as get support and help on coaching issues. If you are a qualified HAA coach, please request to be added to the group.


How can we support you?

If you have any ideas on how the coaching group can support you or your club in your coaching activities, please get in touch and let us know via email or via the Facebook group.